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Creative ways to style our Large Modal Scarves

Let's talk about our largest  sized sized scarves ...... our modal  and cahmere & modal mix scarves available in both rectangular and large square size!

Our Square Modal scarves are 140 x140xm, so yes a BIG square! but don't be afraid of a BIG scarf, once again if you fold it into a triangle then fold it or roll it in to the centre you can place it around your neck as you would with any long scarf. We suggest 'playing' with the BIG scarf by draping it across your shoulders as a shawl or tying a knot over one shoulder..... don't be afraid, just have fun with it! We also LOVE LOVE LOVE using this scarf as a pareo / wrap around bathers in the summer too.

Shoulder Wrap
Wrap the scarf around your shoulders for a classy look while staying comfortable and cozy. Style it with some nice earrings and a natural colour blouse for a fabulous look!



Neck wrap
Seen here is our best sellers 'Collin' Scarf in the large size, styled in a classic simple way around the neck. Simply fold the scarf as a triangle, wrap it around your neck and bring it the ends back to the front. A stunning look! ideal for a sweater or tucked inside you coat or jacket.


Moving on to our popular rectangular Modal scarves!

Our rectangular Modal scarves are 90 x 200cm.... This one is TOO EASY! What can't you do with a long scarf ? So easy for every age, shape and size. Wear it as a wrap for Chilly nights over a summer dress, looped around the neck over a sweater or T shirt, tie it on the hip over a tight fitting dress or over one shoulder, belted at the waist It can also be worn in the hair, carefully wrapped around as a turban style!

Twist N Tie
Twist N Tie the rectangular scarf around your neck for a maximum of warmth during your day. Whether you are going for a walk, or running errands or meeting up your friends for a coffee, it works for all times! It adds some style to your look in a smart way. 


Skivy Neck
We love to wear the rectangular scarf this way because it keeps you warm yet you see the beautiful pattern of the scarf. Wear it under a coat or a blazer for the ultimate sophistication.


The Loop
We love to wear a scarf this way because it works for any occasion. Going out for an early power walk? The loop! Going out for dinner? The loop! Simply fold the scarf in half, wrap it around your neck and loop it through. Easy!


Double Knot
For anyone who wants to do something a bit more unique, this is the way to go. By knotting the scarf twice in 2 loops you can create this beautiful creation of the scarf seen here. It's different and fun! 


The Belt
Such a fashion moment revisited ! Once again fool or roll your scarf to the centre and make a long belt.... depending on the size of the loops, tread ti thru the belt loops and tie to the front or side ! An amazing look on a pair if jeans or ' classic dress' up trousers! Looks as good around the hips as around the waist.

Hint : If the length of the scarf is too short, simple loop it thru two or three button holes in the centre or to one side only. 


Some more inspiration... We love this look with the scarves and belt.






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