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5 Creative Ways to Style our Silk Kerchief Scarf

Do you love our beautiful printed silk scarves but not sure how to style or wear them? No need to worry - we got you ! In this blog post we take you through 5 creative ways how to style a (53 x 53cm) silk kerchief scarf.

The "kerchief" size can be styled for a touch of elegance or just for fun. Tie it on a bag, in your hair, around your neck or even on the belt loops of your jeans for a splash of colour. We love bright emerald green 'Botanica' design which features Australian flora & fauna, or our beautiful orange 'Regeneration Mango' featuring Australian black & white cockatoo's or our bestseller 'Original Collins' mosaics which feature the floor of Melbournes famous Block Arcade. Made in the north of Italy in 100% soft twill silk, a Kerchief scarf is a timeless accessory piece. 


Hint: When folding your scarf, always lay it flat then turn the opposite corners into the centre of the scarf.....keep turning the scarf in to establish your desired width... 

Hint:  When tying a scarf around your head... pull/clip & secure your hair up first so as not to get it tangled...Ouch !

 Hint: The wrist scarf looks great with a pair of jeans & sneakers.... A double knot is    recommended 

Hint: when tying back your 'pony tail' slide the scarf thru the elastic to secure it before tying a double knot or ad some new life to a vintage bag.... works a treat and is such a cool look with jeans & sneakers or jeans & heels ... very chic ! 


Some more information. Beautiful Grace Kelly in a small Kerchief Scarf!






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