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6 Ways To Style A Medium Silk Scarf

In our previous blog post, we talked about how to style a small kerchief scarf, this time we would like to take you through how you can style your versatile medium-sized scarf (70 x 70cm).

As beautiful as our printed silk scarves are, sometimes our lovely customers can find it a bit tricky knowing how to style them. But no need to worry - we are here to help!

Our Medium sized silk scarf is so versatile and can be styled in many ways. Thanks to the multi-purpose use, our silk scarves can be worn to every occasion, dressed up as well as dressed down. On summer days, we love to tie it in our hair and style it with a maxi dress and sandals for a casual Saturday stroll. For a more everyday look, the scarf is perfect to be tied simply around your neck. Our best tip is to don't forget to pack it with you when going on vacation. There is nothing as classy as wrapping it around your head, worn together with a pair of earrings and sunglasses for a luxurious day on vacation. Feel free to wear it any way you like. That's the beauty of it, it's a timeless accessory piece that can be worn wherever you are.

Firstly is our silk scarf worn around the head. Best of all - to create this luxurious look, you don't have to do much. Simply fold your scarf wide (from angle to angle & roll inwards) and tie it outside your hair. Style it with a pair of medium-sized earrings and your favourite trench and you are ready to go! We love this look.

Silk Mask
Who said fashion can't be smart & clever? If we have to stay safe and protect our health we might as well be trendy while doing it! Here the beautiful Australian illustrator Lilly Perrot is wearing hers around her face. We love the combo of our 'Regeneration Tapioca' with a brown knit.

Hair Tie
Elegant and sweet. This is for the days when you're not sure what do wear. Solve it by wearing your favourite comfy pant together with a shirt or plain coloured ribbed top and make it fabulous in seconds tying the scarf around a 'half-head' ponytail. Voila - You got a look!

It's also great for times when you want to leave your hair down but get it out of your face. Besides this, we love the great bonus of how much volume it adds to your hair.

Classic Ponytail 
Another one of our go-to's. This truly makes every outfit beautiful. We recommend using a thin hair tie before dressing it up with the silk scarf knot around it. It's Your call if you prefer a high ponytail or low, they are equally as beautiful. Let it flow together with your hair and have an elegant day!

The Neck Tie
We're sure you are familiar with the 5th style we want to show you, the necktie. Seen on mannequins in shopping windows all over Australia ( and the world! ) and on fashionistas all over Instagram - we still love the classic necktie. A beloved comeback from the '70s is as gorgeous and elegant now as then. Pair it with a silk shirt as our model or for a more casual-cool look, with your favourite t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. For the days you feel to be more dressy, jump in a long V-neck dress and heels. It goes with all.

Wrapped Neck Scarf
Last but not least we would like to show you our favourite, the wrapped neck scarf. It's easy, it's quick and it's a game changer for your look. Besides this, wearing the scarf this way shows more of the stunning pattern of the scarf. Simply fold the scarf into a triangle and knot it at the back of your neck. It's easy, and a great accessory piece.


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