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How to Style a Classic 90 x 90 cm Scarf

At last! It's time to talk about Classic 90 x 90 scarf! 

This  classic scarf size will be very familiar with 'Scarf Lovers' all around the world. The 90 x 90cm is the  'favourite classic size' of the great European Fashion Houses such as Hermes, Gucci, Ferragamo to name just a few. It is the scarf you will keep forever and hand down to the next generation.

A favourite of Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot & Grace Kelly since the debut of the scarf in 1937 by HERMES... pure style! 

We love our 'Bad hair day' cover up
Once again the classic is the perfect size.  Make a triangle & place over your head, then take the two points & tie towards the back in a double knot to secure.


The Classic neck scarf
The classic 100% silk classic is the perfect neck scarf, it can brighten up any out fit & also keep you warm. There are so many ways to tie it but a hint is to always make a triangle first fold it in, roll it in .... a simple double knot at the neck looks great, a cravat style with a shirt & jumper or simply 'hang ' it long around the inside a blazer or cardigan .... just remember a little safety pin at the back will prevent it from sliding off & loosing it ! 

The Classic as a head scarf
After rolling or folding it inwards to a triangular shape tie a knot halfway down the scarf. Tie it around your head at the back under your hear or bring the sides up and tuck the tails of the scarf under the knot. You can always just use the scarf as a band and tie to one side ..... for an exotic look! 

The year 2020

The Covid look! If you have to cover up, why not do it in luxury & style. Have some fun with your classic silk scarf in lockdown.


 Some inspiration of our beloved icons:





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